Guidelines For Best Wildlife Safari In India And Photo Safari

Wildlife Safari in India

There is always a better time to give you the best opportunities to see what you want to see. Temperatures and rainfall can make or break  wildlife holidays, so here we try and give you an overview of where to go ,when and why. Mother Nature is completely unpredictable (the reason why we love her ) ,so we would like to guide you on our averages and experiences  over the years.

We are passionate about wildlife, and are constantly searching for the best jungle safari  experiences with incredible and unique animals & plants in our world’s most amazing forests, savannahs, deserts, mountains & oceans.  In our quest, we have travelled to many far-flung destinations, and here we bring you the best, hand-picked experiences that nature has to offer. So come & join us on a Wildlife Adventure!

Here are certain guidelines as when you should opt for a wildlife safari in India to make the best match with the season around.

  • If you do choose to go on safari during the very hot, very cold, or very wet seasons, opt for a lodge safari rather than a tented one.
  • Camping in tents in extreme weather conditions isn’t that much fun! In most places, rains occur as short (and fabulously dramatic!) thunderstorms, preceded and followed by beautiful sunny skies so, as long as you have a rain jacket, and a dry roof under which to sleep, you’ll be fine. The very hot seasons – especially in the desert – can be unbearably hot, so ask one of our consultants before booking, if you don’t like too much heat!

The X-Factor

To add on the bonus to your trip we also offer you the best of Photo Safari. Whether you are an avid photographer with years of experience or you are just starting your journey into the wonderful world of wildlife photography, Junglewala photo safaris will have the perfect safari for you. If you want to spend time with a top wildlife guy on a specialist workshop, learn the basics or may be just spend time with your camera shooting the best Wildlife Safari in India with Junglewala offering a complete solution for you.

We offer private and gathering photograph safaris in the National Parks with the aura of Indian wildlife which are controlled with educated naturalists and experienced aides. Photograph safaris are particular photograph visits in the National Parks with a decision of an accomplished natural life picture taker to go with you. Our photograph coach being neighbourhood master will help you investigate the dynamite abundance of encounters and catch the pith of the wild.

At the point when individuals consider natural life in India, tiger possesses the real space in their brains. However tiger is one of the highlights that Focal India offers. Different species that you can see incorporates panthers, gaurs, barasinghas, blue bulls, muntjac, sloth bears, wild mutts, foxes, jackals and significantly more. With more than 430 types of winged creatures have been dependably recorded from this district speaking to 61 families and 15 requests, of which 254 species breed while 104 species are winter vagrants. The timberlands of Focal India are additionally one of only a handful few known shelters for a few universally debilitated and confined range species like malabar pied hornbill, spotted dark creeper, white bellied minivet, asian cocoa flycatcher and green munia.

With this plenty of natural life, birdlife and an assortment of landscapes going from prairies to thick wildernesses to slopes and valleys, each national stop in Focal India offers a special and greatly compensating knowledge to ardent untamed life sweethearts.We can modify our safaris relying upon the requirements of the picture taker. In the event that somebody is keen on a natural life photography workshop might be in an ideal situation going to an alternate stop than a genius hoping to assemble scope of particular subjects.

Our photograph safaris are adapted in view of the fundamental things – we comprehend they should be in the recreation centre as ahead of schedule as would be prudent keeping in mind the end goal to get the enchantment light. We are set up with additional memory cards, Disc/DVD copiers, beanbags, tripods, heads and even extra bodies and focal point.

Check list for photographers

  • Lenses
  • Digital memory cards
  • Camera bag or backpack
  • Lens cleaning fluid
  • Lens tissue/brush
  • Extra camera batteries
  • Flash
  • Flash batteries
  • Battery charger and adapters
  • Waterproof bags for lenses and camera body
  • Beanbag, small tripod or monopod
  • Extra video camera batteries