The Perfect India Wildlife Tour Packages with Junglewala

Wildlife Safari in IndiaThe key to the perfect India Wildlife Tour packages is balancing the needs of everyone in the family. Some children can sit for hours in a game drive vehicle day after day, watching game and getting excited about every single animal. Other children will start to get bored and restless after a couple of game drives. We have one of each type, so know how hard it can be. Walk your way to Junglewala, the best Wildlife Safari in India and experience an amazing way to tailor the trip for your family. As per your interest and budget, we will consider the age and individual maturity of your children and any safety concerns.

Safaris are by their nature, incredibly family friendly. Not family friendly in that it is all about the children, this isn’t one of those experiences where parents sit on marvelling at their children as they enjoy themselves, family safaris are about staring in wonder together, parents and children equally enraptured by the experience. For children, a jungle safari is arguably the best classroom in the world, bringing nature to life with impassioned knowledgeable guides and hands-on exhibits. This is about sharing an adventure together. While Central India is undoubtedly about the wildlife and nature, we will ensure that you have the unique experiences to make your family holiday unforgettable.

Finding good, child friendly lodges may see the obvious choice but only a few live up to their marketing promises. Give us a call or drop an email to discuss your wishes in detail.

Family Safari Travel Tips

  • Be adventurous: The perfect blend of game drives with walks, horse riding or cultural activities.
  • Make children feel special, small backpacks of their own will all add to the adventure. This means they can carry what they choose for journeys by vehicle or plane.
  • Slow the pace- When travelling as a family, three nights in each camp is really the minimum that way everyone can settle in and make the most of the experience.
  • Choosing different safari camps in various habitats, will give you a better taste of new sights and experiences.
  • Go ahead with an idea of Boating: Almost all children love water, enlivened by dugout canoes, safari boats and ferries, will add zing to your safari experience.
  • Capture the best view with Binoculars: Children should have their own for their fun and frolic.
  • Dress to impress- Hats and sunscreens are essential but Central India can also be cold in December and January especially during nights and early mornings. We will advise suitable warm clothing in winters. Safari clothing is best in mild colours. Too much bright and contrast are not advisable as they frightens off the animals.

Whether learning how to track and identifying animals or how to spot the in the night sky, going on safari is a unique experience far removed from the demands and distractions of urban life. In the bush, routine and rules are dictated by the realities of sharing space with wild animals and the necessary precautions attached to this. Children’s eyes are opened to a completely different world filled with experiences they could never have at home.

India Wildlife Tour Packages


The jungles of MP are calling you. It is a time to pack your bags and get ready to explore the deep beauty of the Mother Nature with an experience of India wildlife tour  packages with Junglewala. One of the best things about safari tours are they are a perfect blend of serenity and adventure. One moment the calmness of nature, relax your senses and at another moment the roar of the lion creates excitement.

“The world is a Book and those who don’t travel read only one page.”

Let’s make our travel the ultimate source of inspiration in our lives.  The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans. You’re eager to find the routes to cherish the best of Family Safari. We shall be your best guide to give you the best value for your money witnessing the best National Parks in India. Here goes your travel chart with Junglewala –

A great Central Indian Highland’s family itinerary over 11 days would cover a few nights in Satpura, exploring the back water of Denwa with Pachmarhi, a hill station nestled in Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. Jeep safaris in the dense forests of Satpura Tiger Reserve will get you an ample of chances to spot leopards, sloth bear, giant squirrel, sambhar deer, crocodiles and tigers. Satpura also offers boat safaris and walking trails in the forests.

Next couple of days can be spent in Kanha Tiger Reserve, where Rudyard Kipling inspired to conceive The Jungle Book. Kanha is the home to Barahsingha (hard ground swamp deer), tiger, leopard, dholes, and bison along with a wide variety of birds. Then you could move on to Bandhavgarh, which boasts of the highest tiger density in any park in the world. Kids can make the most of elephant back riding in the jungle exploring the tiger in its habitat. From here you can have your last spell in Panna National Park or Pench National Park-the Mowgli land as per your choice. Wrap it up all in style with the amazing game viewing in the absolute wilderness before heading for your place.

Our guests are well travelled and their children are accustomed to privilege and opportunity wherever they go with our head guide. We try shift the focus away from physical ‘stuff’ and highlight the intangible aspects of being here, such as learning a new skill or notching up an exciting experience that will earn them bragging rights with the treasure moments that they would take back home. It’s not about what you have when you are in the bush, but what you know to ensure your survival.